Ayurveda is the ancient system of Self healing from India and literally translates into Veda, meaning “science” or “knowledge,” and Ayur, meaning “life.” Having a background of 5000 plus years, Ayurveda is tried and true and works where many other medicines do not – on the level of the body,mind and spirit, seeing them as one unit. Where many other forms of medicine are only treating the symptoms of disease, Ayurveda aims to find, and heal, the root cause of the ailment. Having a truly holistic perspective, Ayurveda looks at the patient as an individual with their own personal needs and methods for healing. When Ayurveda is practiced properly, a person experiences optimal health, contentment and can truly live in harmony with one’s environment. 


Just as every person is unique, each path to optimal health is different. There are numerous healing process and modalities in the Ayurvedic tradition, but at the foundation lies proper diet and lifestyle. Other methods for healing in Ayurveda include herbs, yoga, meditation, spiritual practices, sound therapy, color therapy, aromatherapy and Pancha Karma (Ayurvedic Body Therapies),  just to name a few. At Vaidyaka Ayurveda we provide an invaluable outside perspective in developing a plan to help set your on your path toward optimal health, given your unique needs and situation. For more information, see our page on Consultations.