Pancha Karma

Therapie shooting Therme LoipersdorfIn Ayurveda, Pancha Karma body therapies are said to be the fast track to optimal health. Pancha Karma, also known as Panchakarma, literally means “five actions.” The five actions of Pancha Karma remove excess physical and emotional toxins from the body, encouraging thebody’s innate nature to heal itself and allows one to experience a more harmonious and peaceful state of being.

There are two main types of Pancha Karma therapies, Purification and Rejuvenation. At SoulShine Ayurveda, we can determine the best course of treatment—Purification, Rejuvenation, or a combination of both. 


It is in Purification (Langhana Chikitsa) that the five actions of Pancha Karma are truly taking place. The ancient techniques of Purification are used to help reduce excess Dosha and toxins (also known as Ama) that have accumulated in the body from unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits, mental and emotional disturbance and environmental pollutants. 

The process of Purification is an investment in one’s well being, yet it takes time, dedication and is not something to jump into lightly. One must be physically strong enough to undergo some physical depletion and mentally prepared to process feelings and emotions that surface during this great cleansing. There is preparation that needs to take place in the beginning (Purva Karma), the actual therapeutic phase of receiving therapies (Pradhan Karma) and the change and reintegration back into everyday life (Praschat Karma). Although somewhat demanding, going through this process is extremely beneficial. It can be a long-term fix for many ailments as the Ama that is reduced is typically deep seated. 


In Rejuvenation (Brimhana Chikitsa), the goal is to pacify excess Dosha and provide nourishment on a deep level. Rejuvenation therapies tend to involve copious amounts of oil. Oil in Sanskrit translates to Sneha. Sneha, having multiple definitions in Sanskrit, not only means oil, but also means nourishment and love. Through the application of Sneha, one receives oil on the physical level and, more importantly, experiences a deep sense of nourishment and love on a more subtle level. 

Rejuvenation does not require preparation. It only calls for the openness to passively receive amazing and profoundly nourishing therapies.