Rebalance your Body, Mind & Spirit

Help Prevent Disease(s) 

Become who you are Truly meant to Be – Your BEST Self yet!

Initial Intake (90-120 mins)

During the Initial Visit the practitioner uses questioning, observation and touch to assess the individual.

  1. The practitioner asks many questions to the patient about any symptom, dis-comfort or dis-ease, as well as, any mental and/or psychological conditions he/she may be experiencing. Details of current diet, exercise, lifestyle, personal history and genetic diseases are key components in the Ayurvedic process.
  2. The practitioner evaluates the patients physical health by observing his/her body condition, color of the skin and eyes, facial energy, shape of the nose and lips, plus qualities of the hair and nails. Also noting height, weight, respiration and blood pressure. The tongue is also examined.
  3. The practitioner uses touch during an abdominal examination to check the internal organs by using palpation (pressing down on parts of the body) and percussion (listening for sounds made by the internal organs). There is also a special focus on the patient’s pulse.

 Report of Findings (60 mins)

In the First Follow-Up Visit, also know as the Report of Findings, you will learn about your unique doshic constitution (Prakruti) and your current doshic imbalance(s) (Virkruti). Your Prakruti, was determined for you at the moment of conception and is your natural balance of Vata (ether + air), Pitta (fire + water), Kapha (water + earth), the three constitutions that are created from the elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth). Your Vikruti, is the current state of your doshic imbalances where the doshas have risen to excess, manifesting in discomfort and disease in the body and mind. The practitioner will give a few recommendations that will begin your healing process to help you get back into harmony with your original Prakruti.

 Follow-Up Visits (45 mins)

Depending upon the individual and their constitution and specific imbalance(s) the practitioner will create a customized healing program in which each patient will follow. At first, we will meet weekly and work together on diet, lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping habits, yoga asana, exercise, meditation, pranayama, mantras, colors, aromas, etc. By following these suggestions you will be able to reawaken your body to its own healing powers that will return you to your unique state of optimal health. As we see greater improvement in your symptoms, we will meet less frequently. Depending upon the individual’s case returning to balance can be anywhere from a 6-12 month process.