Bliss Therapy Package (120 mins)

Experience true euphoria with our Bliss Therapy Package, consisting of three sedating therapies. First, you are treated to an Abhyanga, a warm, doshic approriate oil massage, consisting of two therapists that are in sync, to feel as if only one person is fully relaxing you. This is followed by a Shirodhara, a constant stream of warm herbal oil onto your Third Eye and forehead. This calms and rejuvenates the mind and sends you into a meditative state. The package ends with a Svedana therapy which is a detoxifying herbal steam sweat tent. This is the ultimate pamper to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Abhyanga (60 mins)

Two therapists synchronized full body massage utilizing warm oil, and friction to move toxins into the lymphatic fluid to be taken to the digestive system and eliminated from the body. It is a nourishing, relaxing, rejuvenating, restorative massage for the body, mind, and spirit.

Shirodhara (45 mins)

A deeply meditative and relaxing treatment where warm aromatic oil is continuously poured onto the Third Eye, or middle of the forehead, for 20-30 minutes. The treatment instantaneously allows your entire mind and nervous system to feel calm and at peace. All your mental woes like fear, anxiety, anger, or irritability dissipate as your mind achieves relaxation and nourishment.

Svedana (only available with Bliss Therapy package)

An invigoration, cleansing and detoxifying full body herbal steam tent is placed over your body at the end of a Bliss Therapy.

Nasya (60 mins)

A face massage which opens up the sinuses followed by a nasal steam and then warm oil is dropped into the nasal passageways and massaged into the sinuses. Stagnate congestion is easily removed by this therapy while it also bestows relaxation and alleviates all things sinus-related.